Movnetic™ is a Smart Hump: an innovative renewable power generation concept that harnesses energy from vehicular movement to generate cost-effective clean electricity.

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Harnessing Vehicular Movement for Power & Profit

Everyday large amounts of kinetic energy from vehicles are lost during decelaration and braking. Now for the first time, you can tap that power for buildings, carparks, streetlights or even get rebates by contributing to the grid.

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Generate Revenue from your hump

Generate revenue from your roads and humps by leasing them to us.

Lowest Cost in Maintenace

Saving the earth should be a reasonable investment. When compared to other renewable power generation options, movnetic costs lower in terms of installation and maintenance.

Business Opportunity

Become an entrepreneur. Invest in the Movnetic™ system and you get to profit from it by using its power or supplying it to others.

Movnetic can be used to power

• Buildings & Factories

• Carparks

• Streetlights

• Traffic Lights

• Gantries

Who will find Movnetic useful?

• Entrepreneurs who are willing to profit from this new type of power generator

• Anyone in need of a compact generator which is easy to install and manage

• Traffic management operators

• Government property owners

• Private property owners

• Facility Management

Conditions for Installation

• Traffic density on the road: at least 1000 vehicles / day

• Excavation license from relevant authorities

• Excavation depth: 450 mm

A Smart Platform

Movnectic is developed by Transkinect with the support of partners and research centres. The strategic partners for this project are National University Singapore, Expara IDM Ventures II and Micro Hydro Electric from Canada. Movnetic has been tried and tested on the roads of Singapore and very soon, it will be near every home. This initiative is supported by the Singapore goverment through: • Media Development Authority (MDA) • National Research Foundation (NRF)

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