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Movnetic™ is based on converting part of the lost kinetic energy in moving vehicles, specifically when vehicles have to de-accelerate or brake. This happens usually when drivers are facing speed humps, low speed zones, traffic lights, car park gantries and toll gates on any public road.

Patented Technology PCT no. PCT/SG 02/00083 13 may 2002 IPR Office Singapore | APP Nr 2003020181 – 22 Feb 2003 Academic Scientific Research-Egypt | PCT Nr IB/2006/003992 – 31 July 2006, Wipo, Switzerland

How It Works

Movnetichump can be installed any place provides there is a chance that vehicles will decelerate. Such places include private driveways, public parking lots, at the traffic lights, and points of speed breakers along highways. The Smart Hump can be installed at any bus terminal or crossroad to generate a significant amount of clean power which may be used for lighting buildings, homes, or roads. Note that the excess electricity is directed back to the grid.

  • The basis of Movnetic is the kinetic energy that’s normally lost as vehicles move, particularly when they have to slow down or brake. When a driver hits the brake on a low-speed zone, the electrical and mechanical mechanisms of the Movnetic harness this energy. The amount of energy captured depends on vehicle’s speed, weight, and thenumber of axles.
  • As soon as the system detects a car, it rises up to 150-180mm in order to absorb the kinetic energy of the decelerating vehicle.
  • The technology depends on buoyancy and gravitational principles
  • It secures the future by reducing the dependence on natural resources like oil and gas.
  • The number and models of vehicles passing over the smart hump are recorded by an online dashboard of the system. The amount of power produced and used is also monitored by the online dashboard.
  • The smart energy generator comes with a grid that displays feedback on how much power is generated and used.
  • Five thousand vehicles can generate 2-5kW of energy which can be used in 100-500LED lights for a period of 18 hours.
  • The Smart Hump may be incorporated into other power systems such as wind or solar energy.
  • Movnetic is not only a sustainable solution but also a cost-effective power generator.
  • City planner can use the system to collect traffic data.
  • The smart technology provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to build power stations and sell their products to customers.
  • Either DC or AC power may be utilized via a 3-phase or single-phase pure sin wave with varied capacities from 5kW – 100kW.
  • The power may be transferred whenever the client needs it through 3 options: a sustainable on-grid connection that saves money; an off-grid mechanism that supplies electric power where there’s no grid; and a hybrid system which incorporates a battery system for energy storage.

The ideal working conditions of the smart hump

  • The average traffic requirement is 500 to 2000 vehicles per day.
  • The minimum weight of the vehicles should be 1200kg while the maximum is 1800kg.
  • The right speed is 1Km/Hr to 30Km/Hr.
  • The temperature range for proper functioning of the Movnetic Hump is -10°C to 50°C.
  • It requires temperature protection of between 60°C to 70°C
  • It should also be protected from short circuit
  • The rated power is 50000W – 500000W.

The smart hump entirely depends on traffic unlike other renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. The innovation especially takes advantage of the excess traffic in cities hence it guaranteed consistency in energy supplication.

Installation and Maintenance

Just like wind or solar installation, the smart hump is connected to the following:

  • I. A charge controller: its function is to manage the flow of electricity
  • II. An inverter: a device that changes the electricity generated when a vehicle slows down into the required voltage which the driver can use
  • III. Battery: this is where the clean energy is stored for future use

During installation, excavation is done as follows: 800 mm deep, 1200 mm wide, and 3000mm long (maximum lane width). Movnetic Smart Hump is compact hence it remains level with the ground one installed.

Maintenance and installation is the responsibility of the Transkinect Private Limited. The client has to give access to the company’s staff. The client is expected to provide a source of water during installation as well as cater for the cabling expenses. Note that the power generation unit requires security and this should be the client’s job.

The installation of the clean energy system is simple and environmental factors like solar, wind, or rain do not have any impacts. As far as return on investment is concerned, the Smart Hump comes front and center. Basically, energy is generated right where it is used and so there is no need for long-distance conveyance systems.

Business Model

Transkinect provides engineering and consultancy services in clean energy systems and energy management. Through the company’s key product, Movnetic (Smart Hump), Transkinect aims at transforming roads into green highways by minimizing overdependence on fossil fuel. Basically, Movnetic works by capturing kinetic energy from decelerating cars and changing it into electric energy.

The long-term objective of Transkinect is to be the leading company in green energy solutions across Asia Pacific. The company’s innovative thinking is demonstrated through the regenerative systems whereby kinetic energy is harvested in car parks and buildings. Consumers get a chance to reach sustainable energy performances through outstanding financial models employed in the adoption of the company’s products.

This outstanding innovation is ideal for investors and financiers who want to major in the energy industry. Apparently, over 800 vehicles run on 100million kilometers of roads each and every day. So, a lot of potential lies in the future besides the primeval investment for Egyptian Electric Pedal (EEP) technology.

The concept of Movnetic contributes to a greener planet by reducing the usage of natural energy sources. It also contributes to city planning through the collection of traffic movement data which is used in traffic management.

Clients can get clean power at a consumer-friendly rate from Transkinect. They are expected to sign a 3-years PPA and give a deposit of 3-months electricity bill. The installation of one smart hump can take 5 hours, tentatively, costing 50 thousand to 100 thousand dollars. The return on investment period is about 3 years but it depends on the weight of cars moving over the hump as well as traffic frequency.

Client Benefits

The current state of most cities requires smarter technologies for sustainability. Most developing cities are turning to innovations that address major economic issues like infrastructure, traffic congestion, and water scarcity. Transkinect is one of the companies at the forefront of sustainable solutions. The Movnetic system not only enhances the quality of life but encourages competitiveness in the economy and more business opportunities. Here are the benefits clients get directly from Movnetic:

  • I. Smart Hump comes with the best price in the market for KWH
  • II. It is a source of revenue for facility owners e.g. industrial estates and mall owner can sell clean power to the neighboring people or companies
  • III. No upfront payment is needed
  • IV. Clients can get subsidies from the government because of embracing the green movement
  • V. Business partners will show high appreciation
  • VI. Clients get bonus if they reach the agreed capacity
  • VII. Clean energy enhances client’s green mark
  • VIII. The hump takes less space as compared to renewable systems.
  • IX. Since it is located a few meters away from the facilities where the clean energy is used, clients do not incur expenses associated with long-distance power transmission
  • X. The clean technology of Movnetic is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. In addition, it gives clients a smart experience which is different from the usual speed bumps.

Compact Design

Our compact design for the Movnetic™ hump allows it to be embedded and remain leveled with the road. Once the system detects a vehicle, the hump will rise 150mm to 800mm to absorb kinetic energy from the moving vehicles. This lost kinetic energy is captured and recovered through mechanical and electrical systems during moments of steady traffic density.

Quick to Install

Transkinect has developed an innovative concept and solution that minimizes the Movnetic™ hump installation time to between 4-5 hours and maintenance times to between 15-20 minutes. (Hump excavation dimensions: depth: 450mm, width: 850mm, length: 2300-3500mm)

Sturdy and Tough

The Movnetic™ hump is designed to withstand rainy and dusty environments and absorb heavy truck loads of up to 40 tonnes, with a maximum load of 10 tonnes on each axle. The Movnetic™ hump is equipped with a Remote Monitoring System and a real time web-portal with a very easy to use dashboard. This helps to keep our clients updated about the power production and consumption, feed to grid, emergency traffic status, battery based system, enabling them to achieve grid-tied benefits with

Power Specifications

Clients can utilize AC and DC power through a single or three phase pure sin wave with different capacities varying from 5KW to 100KW. Energy can be transferred anytime to fulfill a client’s power needs or to reap financial benefits through these options:

Through an On-grid connection which is capable of reducing dependency on utilities and save money

Through an Off-grid system, which means supplying electricity where a grid is non-existent

Through a Grid-interactive system (Hybrid System) with the presence of a connected energy storage through a BB battery based system. This enables our clients to achieve grid-tied benefits with an off-grid independence.


Movnetic will provide insights, which users can utilize to monitor and manage energy and traffic situations. Through the use of the system and proprietary software, users will be able to effectively manage and monitor the distribution of power from Movnetic.