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*Country of Origin: SINGAPORE

*Production and Delivery Capability: LEAD TIME 12 TO 16 WEEKS

Power Maximizer

An innovative power generator uses three main natural forces ( gravity , buoyance , Centrifugal ) to re-generate the energy power. The Power Maximizer comes in capacities varies from 50kW till 500kW.

The input source require for the Power Maximizer is approx. 20-50% from the output source.

100kW Power Maximizer
Power generation Min Max Ave
Power generated per month (KWh) 40,000 60,000 50,000
Annual power generated (KWh) 480,000 720,000 600,000

Note: We customise the capacity of the Power Maximiser according to the needs of the customers.

The benefits of the Power Maximizer
  • It generates and multiplies the electrical power source to higher level
  • Higher energy recovery rate
  • Standalone system which could install easily to produce green energy

The Power Maximizer application is NOT tied to areas with traffic or roads, it is to be installed as a standalone unit or power collector from different renewable energy sources as power either grid or any other renewable source as smart HUMP, solar, wind . all will do.

Capacity in kw 100 200 300 500
Size cm w*H*L 135*150*260 145*150*280 160*180*305 220*200*3500
Weight KG 1746 2114 2986 3240
The Smart Hump

An innovative technology takes on the traditional speed breaker that captures energy from the slowdown vehicles and converts it into green electricity to the end user use.

Unlike other sources of renewable energy such as the wind or solar power, The Smart Hump does not need specific weather conditions to work. It relies on traffic which is all too abundant in cities.

The smart Hump takes up much less space as little as one percent of the space of a solar or wind farm.

It depends on the Capacity of the Power Maximizer

The Smart Hump to be installed underground anywhere that cars are likely to slow down such as entrances to the car park or private building in place of speed breakers on the road and at traffic lights or toll gate gantries.


Please feel free to request the product brochure or visit us at the link provided here to find out how our Smart Hump and Power Maximizer can help you to save on your finances and the earth.

We build and customise the equipment according to your country specifications requirement

We have different business models to match your need as consumer or entrepreneur to become our distributor or reseller of green energy and expand our business in your country or region , you can buy and sell the electricity , thru Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) terms of 5 -20 years or direct purchase and reselling of the whole system to your clients , the cost varies from country to country ., ( for more info pls contact us for details )

We sell you the green power generated from our systems , based on the amount of energy consumed by the user facility according certain terms and conditions , the user will pay as per use , similar to “solar leasing” model. ( for more info pls contact us for details )

We encourage our clients / partners who want to be our agent worldwide to start with a one-time purchase for 1 UNITE 100 kW backed with PPA signed with your client/user in your country, to showcase and open your market is to have our system installed at any user premises. You will have what so-called prove of concept and prove of value as a promotional strategy push your and our business to higher level .

Please send us a request for quotation here (RFQ link)

You have to work out the electricity price per kWh in your country

for example, your investment of a 50kw Power Maximizer with Smart Hump cost approx USD75K, energy generation is +-30000 kWh/mth, commercial electricity rate in your region is at USD0.21 30,000 ( monthly power generation in kwh ) x USD0.21 ( electricity rate ) x 12mths = USD75,600 (+-)

Based on the above, ROI is 12mths. Thereafter, the amount you collected will be your revenue as per PPA term you signed with the user.

You will collect 100% for the 1st unit as you have paid for, thereafter, we will share 50/50 based on the PPA term & pricing.

Note: The cost of the equipment indicated here is for illustration only


In general, any mechanical system can last at least 5 years; with regular and preventive maintenance it may prolong the lifespan till 10 years

It all depend on the need of the user demand and peak power loads , you may get your potential client to fill up the RFQ, and we’ll base on the information provided to work out what best suited the user. It may starts from 50 kw till 5 MW

Nothing needed, any place we excavate to install our power maximizer and smart humps, pls see our website www.transkinect.com to imagine how things works, if your main panel is 10 or 500 meters distance, the client pay for cableing for the connection for the power transmission

From 1.5 till 20 tones max load per axle is 10 tons

During maintenance or break down, the grid will not be affected as the UPS system installed in the equipment will be able to switch between power sources either us or the grid.

It is a risk free business model for the user, the user pay according to the consumption the used.