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Founded in 2013, Transkinect is the creator and manager of this revolutionary technology: Movnetic. Transkinect’s purpose is to transform every road into pathways for sustainable power and reduce the world’s dependence on natural sources. Transkinect is supported by Many Singapore Gov Agencies . Company Registration no: 201320008W

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How It Works

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    A Leader in Sustainable Solutions

    To be the leader in the Asia Pacific Region for sustainable products and solutions, relying on R & D in infrastructure and the rising demand for Green Energy products and solutions.

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    Innovative Thinking

    Transkinect provides innovative solutions such as regenerative systems harvesting kinetic energy in buildings and car parks.

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    Unique Financial Models

    Transkinect allows for the quick adoption of its products through unique financial models to enable consumers to achieve better and greener energy performances.

Ihab Abdelkarim Seidy Founder

Ihab Abdelkarim Seidy is a civil engineer with 24 years of experience in infrastructure and power generation development in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Singapore. He is also a published author with a keen interest in sustainable development.